Cheap Car Insurance in Houston Texas
cheap car insurance in Houston Texas

Are you in search of cheap car insurance in Houston Texas? Are you wondering which insurance companies provide the best deals? You can also compare policies from Geico, USAA, and State Farm. However, these companies will give you different levels of coverage. While they are cheap, you will need to be aware that they provide lower protection in the event of a car accident. If you don't need to have high-value protection, you should opt for a minimum coverage plan.


Geico is a leading auto insurance company in Texas. Its low car insurance rates are a popular choice for many drivers. The company has been around since 1936 and ranks as the second-largest car insurance provider in the nation. According to a recent study, Geico received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and came in third place in Texas. Drivers can save money with Geico thanks to the company's 16 different discount opportunities, which include the DriveEasy usage-based insurance program.

While Houston is a large city, it is possible to get cheap car insurance rates from different insurers. One way to lower your Houston Texas insurance rates is to compare rates by county. In some counties, living in the Harris County versus the Austin County region can lead to a $400 difference in premiums. Apart from the cost of living, other factors play an important role in determining your rate. These include your age, gender, and citation history. You can also take advantage of discounts available for people with bad credit in Houston Texas.

Aside from lowering the cost of car insurance, Geico also has some of the lowest average auto insurance rates in Texas. Geico offers competitive rates for full and minimum coverage. Its car insurance rates are calculated using individual rating factors such as your driving record, type of car, annual mileage, and credit history. Getting personalized quotes from several companies will ensure you get the best deal. It's never too late to get cheap car insurance.


Nationwide provides some great benefits to drivers in Houston, Texas, including cheap car insurance. While the average cost of car insurance is around $690 per year, rates vary by ZIP code. Nationwide charges no additional premium after a driver's accident cost exceeds $2,000 in property damage, according to NerdWallet. It also offers discounts for safe driving, student status, and claims-free driving. The company's agents can help you find discounts to save on your insurance.

The company has good financial ratings and is a top choice for many people. Nationwide boasts the second-lowest average full coverage rates in Texas. AM Best has rated them A+, and they have fewer policyholder complaints than other companies. The company has a broad range of policies, but isn't the cheapest. This means that a person who owns a sports car is unlikely to save any money.

You can also choose to go with USAA, which offers a cheap car insurance in Houston, Texas. However, this option is restricted to military personnel. It also has limited coverage, as drivers in the armed forces must carry at least 30/60/25 liability coverage. Lastly, consider obtaining multiple quotes for auto insurance from different companies. The more quotes you obtain, the better. In Houston, drivers in their 50s are able to get a cheap car insurance policy by using the USAA website.


When it comes to obtaining minimum and full coverage car insurance in Houston, USAA is one of the best choices. Their average rates are $65 and $133 per month, respectively. However, if you are not currently in the military, you might be better off with State Farm or AAA. Although both companies are reputable, they also offer some differences. In Texas, a driver must have at least 30/60/25 coverage to be considered legal.

The minimum liability coverage level in Texas is $30,000. This will pay for bodily injury and $10,000 for medical bills in the case of an accident. Drivers with multiple driving violations will likely see their insurance rates rise dramatically. They can often lower their costs by improving their driving history. For example, a driver with multiple speeding tickets could lower their insurance premiums by getting a safer car. Regardless of the coverage level, drivers should be sure to shop around.

While the overall cost of car insurance varies in Houston, there are a few factors that will determine what the lowest price is. Age, gender, and location all affect premium costs. Single and younger drivers have higher car insurance premiums. In Houston, ZIP codes 77095-77078 increase premiums by up to 22 percent. Nonetheless, drivers can cut their costs even further by finding discounts through their auto insurance provider.

State Farm

When it comes to finding cheap car insurance in Houston, Texas, State Farm has several good options. This company offers cheap rates for drivers with bad credit and a high-risk profile. Teenagers have higher chances of getting into accidents than adults, which makes them a riskier demographic to insure. However, young drivers can save money by forming safe driving habits. Listed below are a few ways that teenagers can save money on car insurance.

State Farm offers cheap full-coverage insurance for drivers with no or poor credit. The insurance company offers coverage with relatively minimal changes, and its annual premium is only $14 higher than the average Texan. While full coverage car insurance is more expensive than liability-only policies, it protects your assets. It covers damage caused by a collision or theft, regardless of fault, or inclement weather. USAA provides affordable insurance for military families, but only for those with a low credit score.

Besides age, gender and marital status are important factors in determining your rate. Young drivers face the highest rates. Aging out of teenage years is the best way to lower your rates. If you're a young driver, keep in mind that you'll be more likely to get into an accident compared to an older driver. However, if you're a veteran of the road, you can still save money by bundling your insurance with other policies or tapping into other discounts.


If you are looking for a cheap car insurance policy in Houston Texas, Allstate is a good choice. They offer competitive rates that fit most budgets and are backed by an excellent roadside assistance program. In addition to offering low premiums, Allstate also offers a comprehensive roadside assistance plan that costs only $7 per month for the first year. If you're new to car insurance, you can also save money by bundling several Allstate policies, such as your home and auto.

If you're new to the auto insurance market, you'll find that there are several different companies that offer affordable Houston car insurance. While some insurers offer low rates to those with good credit, others offer only the cheapest premiums. Some of these companies have usage-based telematics systems that track driving behavior and reward safe drivers with discounted premiums. Other companies offer discounts to drivers with clean driving records.

When you're shopping for Houston car insurance, it's important to get as many quotes as possible. Because auto insurance is determined by a range of factors, you'll be able to get a lower rate by shopping around. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Houston drivers should get three or more quotes before selecting an auto insurance policy. Compare the quotes and compare coverages, discounts, and customer service. Then choose the one that best suits your needs.

Garage your car in a safe place

One of the easiest ways to save money on your insurance policy is to garage your car in a safe location. The best place to park your car is a covered or gated garage. When you're shopping for insurance, tell your agent about these precautions. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference they can make. This way, you won't have to worry about having to pay for expensive repairs if your car is damaged.

If your garage is attached to your home, you'll be able to get lower insurance rates. Garages are deemed safer by insurance companies than other types of garages, and you'll receive better insurance rates if you have one. If you don't own your own garage, try using an insurance comparison tool like Jerry. The app pulls quotes from over 500 top insurance companies.

Avoid accidents

It's possible to get Houston car insurance at an affordable rate by avoiding accidents. Insuring your vehicle is a smart idea, and it will protect you from a wide variety of costs. Fortunately, there are ways to make your Houston insurance more affordable, and you can do so by doing a little research on the different companies available. Here are a few tips to avoid accidents and keep your rates as low as possible:

Age is another factor. Young drivers tend to have the highest rates, so aging out of your teenage years will significantly lower your premiums. According to NerdWallet, drivers in their 20s and 30s enjoy a $100 lower premium than those in their teens. Drivers in their 70s, on the other hand, see higher insurance rates than those in their 20s. As a result, aging drivers may be better protected from accident claims.

Gender and marital status can also impact your insurance rate. Women tend to have better driving records, which means they pay less on average. Single drivers pay more than married drivers, who also have better chances of filing a claim. However, married or widowed drivers pay an average of $1,963 per year, despite the fact that they are more likely to be in an accident. However, if you have no accidents and are driving safely, your Houston car insurance rates will be much lower.