Cheap Car Insurance in Long Branch Virginia

When you're looking for cheap car insurance in Long Branch, Virginia, you may be surprised to find that there are many options available. In addition to the minimum coverage requirements, top car insurance companies offer discounts for being a good driver, a homeowner, and/or going paperless. Besides discounts, Virginia state laws allow drivers to forgo the minimum insurance requirement if they want, for a one-time fee of $500. If you are able to pay the minimum, however, you may want to look into a more comprehensive policy that provides better financial protection, for a far lower annual price.

Farm Bureau

If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Long Branch, Virginia, Farm Bureau might be your best bet. Its average monthly rate for full coverage is just $31 compared to $130 for other Virginia insurers. While rates will vary depending on your age and car's condition, Farm Bureau has the lowest average monthly rates for full coverage. You'll pay $31 a month for minimum coverage and $68 for full coverage, which is 52% less than the state average.

Farmers' rates for married drivers are the lowest in Virginia. Married drivers are typically 5% cheaper than unmarried drivers. This is due to the fact that married drivers are generally not at-fault in accidents. In addition, Virginians with tickets usually see an increase of 16% in their auto insurance rates. In general, Farm Bureau quotes for married drivers are $571 cheaper than those of unmarried drivers. You can also save more money by adding more than one car to your policy.

If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Long Branch, Virginia, you have plenty of options. Erie Insurance, Garrison Property, and Travelers all offer a variety of policies. On average, these insurance companies cost between $1,000 and $2,000 a year, which is 30% less than the state's average. However, Farm Bureau's rates are often cheaper than the national average. Moreover, their excellent customer service is another big reason why people prefer Farm Bureau.


Geico is a well-known insurance company in Virginia, and their rates are affordable. A minimum coverage policy costs $1,072 per year, which is 38% lower than the state average. If you drive a high-end car, you can increase the deductibles and coverage limits to reduce your premiums. Be sure to consider the limits of liability and full coverage. While you can choose to purchase the cheapest coverage, this will only help to a certain extent.

Geico is also a great option for drivers with poor credit. Their average annual premium for drivers with poor credit is $839 less than the state average, making them the cheapest option for this demographic. However, drivers with poor credit are more likely to file claims, so insurers tend to raise rates accordingly. For this reason, drivers with poor credit are required to pay 44% more than those with perfect credit.

Discounts offered by Geico include the Safe Driver, the Federal Employee, and Military Service Member discount. Another way to lower your premium is to use Geico's mobile app. This app allows you to file claims and request roadside assistance without leaving your vehicle. And because it's so easy to use, Geico has an A++ financial strength rating. It's worth taking a look at the Geico app and see if it's a good fit for you.

State Farm

If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Long Branch Virginia, you might be wondering whether or not State Farm is a good choice. State Farm is the largest insurance company in the United States, with a market share of more than 15%. As a result, customers of the company feel secure and rooted, which is why many choose to do business with them. However, if you need to make a claim, you'll probably be denied. Here's why.

First of all, consider the type of coverage you need. State Farm offers basic liability coverage that only protects the other party in an accident. Comprehensive coverage can protect your vehicle against theft, vandalism, floods, fire, and other disasters. In addition to basic liability coverage, you can also consider purchasing rental reimbursement coverage, which will cover the cost of renting a vehicle if you're involved in an accident.

While the company is not the cheapest, it is one of the most popular choices among Americans with good credit. With an average rate of $1,143 a year, you can get an insurance policy that will protect you up to the policy's limit if you get into an accident. If you're not a good driver, you might want to choose a company with a more affordable insurance policy.


Despite the high cost of insuring a car, USAA can offer affordable rates for young drivers in Virginia. For example, their minimum coverage rate is 43% lower than the average rate, and their full coverage rate is almost half of the average cost. However, USAA is only available to former and current military members. So, what's the best way to get affordable car insurance in Long Branch Virginia?

If you need minimum coverage, USAA has the lowest rates in Virginia. For full coverage, you'll pay about $55 a month. You can get cheaper rates if you opt for liability only coverage. Other insurers' rates vary, but they're all significantly lower than the Virginia averages. USAA is the third-cheapest insurance company. It quotes minimum coverage and full coverage rates at an average of $85 per month, and offers a range of great policy benefits and discounts.

The best part about USAA's cheap car insurance in Long Branch Virginia is that they don't charge cancellation fees. But, if you do decide to cancel your policy, you need to officially do so. Generally, you can save as much as 3 percent by choosing automatic payments. And, if you have more than one vehicle, you can save an extra 3 percent by choosing multi-vehicle insurance.


There are several reasons why you should choose Merrimac when shopping for car insurance in Long Branch. The first is the affordability of the policy. Most people assume that cheap car insurance is just that - cheap. However, this is not always the case. The cost of car insurance in Virginia can vary significantly, depending on several factors. Luckily, there are ways to lower your auto insurance rate in Merrimac. You can begin by obtaining several quotes from different providers, and comparing them.

A good driving record can help you save a significant amount of money on your insurance. If you have no accidents or tickets recently, you can expect to save 33% compared to the state average. If you have a clean driving history, you can also qualify for a safe driver bonus. Safe drivers can receive a 5 to 10% reduction in their premiums. By avoiding accidents, you can also save on the cost of repairs.

Another way to lower your auto insurance rate is to make use of USAA. This auto insurance company offers discounts to former and current military members. If you're a veteran, you can save even more with their insurance plan. For just $866 a year, USAA provides full coverage car insurance. This type of policy pays for your car's repairs in case of an accident or other outside incident. Drivers with a poor driving record and a low credit score should be especially careful when purchasing car insurance in Virginia.


If you're looking for cheap car insurance in Long Branch Virginia, you may want to consider Erie Insurance. This company ranks highly in J.D. Power studies, placing third in customer satisfaction among homeowners in the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Homeowners Study. It also ranked highest for auto insurance customer satisfaction in the North Central region of the same study. So, it's a smart choice for homeowners who are searching for affordable car insurance.

Erie has been providing auto insurance in Virginia since 1955. You can get dozens of extra policy features without paying an extra dime, including anti-theft devices, factory-installed air bags, and other safety features. Erie also offers discounts for multiple policies, including home and auto insurance. If you own more than one vehicle, you can also get a multi-policy discount of up to 25%.

Erie's home insurance policy covers damage from fire and storms, as well as theft of personal property. You can also get additional coverage for valuable items and contents, such as jewelry and artwork. Some policies, like the Erie standard homeowners insurance in Long Branch Virginia, will also cover the repair costs of your roof. Moreover, Erie will cover damage caused by falling trees and branches. Some policies, however, do not cover floods and earthquakes.