How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in St. Francis, WI
cheap car insurance in St Francis Wisconsin

While many drivers opt for a full coverage policy with minimum coverage, married drivers pay much less than single ones. Married drivers typically pay $1,112 for an annual quote, while singles pay approximately $2,100 a year. The best insurance companies for married Wisconsin drivers include Progressive and Erie. Both companies have affordable policies, and Progressive charges the least amount of money per month. Married drivers also experience fewer accidents than singles, making them a lower risk for insurers to insure.

West Bend Mutual

Car insurance rates vary widely between states and companies, and you can save hundreds of dollars each year by shopping around for the cheapest car insurance in St. Francis, Wisconsin. In general, the state minimum level of coverage is the least expensive, but it may not be enough to protect you and your passengers. In such cases, you might need to purchase optional coverage. If you are a good driver, you can save even more by looking into a West Bend Mutual policy.

When choosing an insurance company, compare the loss ratio of the company. The higher the loss ratio, the less financially secure the company is. Higher loss ratios reflect higher risk and willingness to pay claims, while lower loss ratios show more stable financial status and lower risk of paying claims. You should aim for a loss ratio of 60 to 80 percent. In addition to the coverage level, make sure you understand the types of coverage that are important for your needs. Personal Injury Protection, for instance, can help cover medical bills for a driver who is at fault in an accident.

The quality of service and financial stability of car insurance companies can influence the price and type of coverage offered. The following table shows the top 10 car insurance companies in Wisconsin by AM Best financial strength rating. The company with the highest AM Best rating is Auto-Owners. State Farm, USAA and Erie Insurance all have higher scores. WalletHub's analysis is based on information from the DMV and Quadrant Information Services.

American Family

When you're looking for car insurance, it's important to understand your budget. Some insurance companies only offer expensive comprehensive plans. Others offer the bare minimum required for driving in Wisconsin, such as liability insurance. The truth is that most drivers fall somewhere in between. This means that your insurance premiums will vary based on your zip code, provider, and type of policy. With this in mind, it's important to shop around for the lowest price.

After determining how much coverage you need, you can use the Wirefly comparison tool to find the cheapest car insurance in St. Francis, WI. The service will provide you with a list of options, ranked by customer satisfaction, brand stability, and coverage options. Then, you can compare each plan to see which one provides the best value and the best coverage. By using Wirefly, you can compare insurance rates from a variety of providers and choose the one with the best value.

Luckily, a number of companies in Wisconsin offer low car insurance rates. The average rate for car insurance in St. Francis is $1,197. If you have a good driving record, you can find a policy that suits your needs for a reasonable price. American Family is among the cheapest car insurance in St. Francis, WI, and they have excellent reviews online. Once you've chosen the company you want, you can easily compare quotes to make the most informed choice.


When shopping for car insurance in St. Francis, Wisconsin, it is important to know your liability limits, which determine how much coverage you can afford. The higher the limit, the more protection you'll have if you're at fault in a crash. However, these limits can vary by state and type of policy. Talk to your independent agent or Travelers representative to determine the amount of coverage you need and what limits are best for your specific situation.

The state minimum auto policy in Wisconsin only covers $50,000 in property damage liability and $10,000 in bodily injury. Travelers car insurance in St. Francis, Wisconsin, costs $1,141 a year, which is 29% less than the statewide average. Drivers who belong to the USAA can receive a discount on car insurance when they're eligible. Full coverage car insurance will protect your assets, and it will protect you from damage from weather.

In addition to providing car insurance in St. Francis, Travelers offers a range of other benefits, including rideshare coverage and rental car coverage. The company's other products include individual health and disability coverage plans. If you're a new driver or have a history of accidents, combining your auto and home policies will save you money each month. You'll be able to take advantage of the benefits of both policies through State Farm, and they'll even help you cancel your old policy, if you wish.


Car insurance rates in St. Francis vary based on a variety of factors including zip code, average age, and accident rates. For the same ZIP code, different providers can offer dramatically different quotes. This is due to the different ways insurers calculate risk and determine how much they should charge. Thankfully, there are several ways to find cheap car insurance in St. Francis, WI that still meet your needs. This guide will help you compare rates and find the best possible policy.

Regardless of your driving record, it's very important to carry enough coverage for the cost of an accident. The minimum coverage level in Wisconsin is $50,000 per accident. For that amount, a full coverage car insurance policy will protect you in the event of an accident or other damage. However, state minimums are not always adequate and you may need to buy optional coverage. The best way to save money on car insurance in St. Francis Wisconsin is to shop around.

Luckily, some companies offer affordable car insurance for people with poor credit. American Family, for instance, offers a low-cost policy for inexperienced drivers with a $1,470 rate for full coverage. For people with bad credit, Progressive Insurance provides affordable insurance for those with bad credit. They offer the best rates in the market for young drivers. And if you have poor credit, American Family has the lowest rates. If you're worried about paying too much for auto insurance, they'll be glad to help you.


If you're looking for a cheap car insurance policy, you may want to look into USAA. This company offers policies for those in the military, as well as their families. You can also get lower insurance costs by improving your driving record. Although you may have gotten several tickets in the past, you can still get lower rates by shopping around. In the meantime, USAA offers many benefits that can help you save money on your car insurance policy.

You can use USAA mobile apps to make payments, deposit checks, and receive support for your claims. You can also download their app for your mobile device to receive roadside assistance, fingerprint authentication, and face recognition, as well as voice recognition. You can also receive discounts by completing defensive driving courses and having more than one vehicle in your household. USAA also offers rental car insurance. To get the most from USAA car insurance, you should sign up for a quote today!

The best place to start your search for cheap car insurance in St. Francis Wisconsin is USAA. USAA offers excellent rates for those who have a clean driving record. Drivers who have no accidents or moving violations can save up to 19 percent on their policies compared to the national average. Those who belong to the military should consider USAA since they can obtain affordable insurance for themselves and their families. The best rates can be found with these programs.

State Farm

When searching for St. Francis car insurance, it's important to know that rates vary from state to state and even from zip code to zip code. Factors such as the average age of the area's population and the rate of accident are all factors that impact premiums. Even in the same state, different providers may give you wildly different quotes because they all use their own formula to calculate risk. To ensure you're getting the best rates possible, shop around and research different companies.

In addition to providing affordable auto insurance in St. Francis, State Farm also provides other valuable services for drivers. Its Rideshare coverage and rental car coverage are among its unique offerings, and its coverage options extend to business travelers, collectors, and new drivers. In addition, combining your home and auto policies can result in huge savings. And, with more than a million satisfied customers, there's no reason not to give State Farm a try.

Bundling your auto and home insurance is one of the best ways to get cheaper coverage for both. State Farm offers the lowest auto and home insurance bundle on the market, and if you bundle them together, you'll get an extra 25% off. Plus, you'll enjoy excellent customer service and an overall lower rate. So, why not bundle your auto and home insurance policies with the same company? You'll be happy you did.